May 28 2013

Pattern Love: Eccentric Chevron

Since summer is just around the corner we think now is the perfect time to go a little crazy with patterns and colors. We love bold patterns like our Eccentric Chevron. The mix of different textures and patterns is perfect for a splashy summer wedding!

SmittenOnPaper_EccentricChevron1 SmittenOnPaper_EccentricChevron2 SmittenOnPaper_EccentricChevron3 SmittenOnPaper_EccentricChevron4 SmittenOnPaper_EccentricChevron5

SmittenOnPaper_EccentricChevron10 SmittenOnPaper_EccentricChevron11 SmittenOnPaper_EccentricChevron12
What are your favorite summer patterns?

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