Apr 04 2012

DIY: Ribbon Flower Clips

Hello everyone! Get ready for another fun project. These simple ribbon flower clips are a snap to make and they look like a million bucks.



Your supply list:

1. 5 strips of ribbon cut to approximately 4 inches long. The longer your ribbon the fuller your petals will be.  The ribbon can be any width, in my example I have used 1.5 inch grosgrain. By the way this is a great way to use up all your ribbon scraps.

2. Thread and sewing needle

3. Buttons or beads of any kind. Make sure they measure at least 3/4 inch diameter.

4. Felt circles that measure 1 inch in diameter. You will need 2 per flower.

5. Alligator clips

That should do it besides for scissors and hot glue. But I figure all crafters should have a good pair of scissors and a hot glue gun on hand.

Ok! let’s get started…

Steps 1 – 3: Start with a running stitch along 3 sides of the ribbon starting with one of the short sides moving to the 4 inch side and ending with the other short side.

Step 4: Pull tight and watch your first petal appear!

Step 5: Without cutting your thread repeat steps 1-4 for the remaining 4 ribbon strips creating a chain of 5 petals.

Step 6: Stitch together the first petal to the last petal. Knot your thread and cut.

Step 7: Use your handy hot glue gun and glue on your button to the center of your flower covering up all your raw edges.

Step 8: Flip flower over and  and glue felt circle to bottom again covering up all your raw edges.

Steps 9 & 10: Take your alligator clip and clip it on to your remaining felt circle. With the clip facing up align and glue down to the first felt circle that is already on your flower.

Turn your flower over and admire! Your Done.

I’ve used these flowers to clip on to menus or favor boxes. I think this is the perfect project for bridal showers or baby showers. What a beautiful little treat for your guests to take home with them.

I hope you all enjoy this one. And even if you think you can’t sew, trust me you can do this – it’s so easy! When you throw that gorgeous party make sure to take plenty of picture and submit it to us here. We may post your story.



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