Sep 17 2020

Your new favorite notebook... the Workbook

Time to meet your new favorite notebook, the Workbook! This is the perfect notebook for what we call 'dynamic note taking'. It is flexible enough to help keep your thoughts, meetings, and to-do lists organized in one convenient place without the structure of a planner. 



Taking cues from the Cornell notes method of study, this simplified version has a large space for notes and writing, a to-do list on the left side of the page, and a space for reminders or top priorities on the bottom. This method has been popular with students for many years and we wanted a way to translate this into more areas of use.



Breaking down notes and thoughts into these three key categories helps you retain information, makes it easy to go back and find important points, and creates an organized way to move throughout your day. 


The Workbook comes in two colors, Mist and Black, both with matte gold foil stamping. We love this simple, gender neutral palette. Best of all, we design and print everything in our Monrovia, California studio and work with a local bindery for the finishing. (Buy local when you can, it's more important than you realize!


The Workbook is definitely your new favorite notebook. 

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