Sep 25 2012

Yarn Pom Pom DIY Project

Hello everyone. Today I’m going back to basics with a yarn pom pom project. These little guys are so quick and easy and do they ever look cute on a our party favor boxes.



The steps are a snap!
1. Wrap yarn around a 2 inch piece of cardboard. The more times you wrap the fuller your pom pom.
2. Slide off your bundle of yarn and tie off the center.
3. Cut the sides of your yarn bundle.
4. Fluff and trim to desired shape.
That’s all there is to it!
Now just top your party favors or gift boxes & you’ve got a totally cute little package.



This might be a project you did in grade school but take a look around your local yarn store there are so many new types of yarns today that it turns this kinda old fashioned project into something totally modern and chic!

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