Oct 15 2012

Will You Be My Bridesmaid Favor Boxes!

I love putting a little extra effort into things to make whoever is receiving it feel that much more special. Today we have a really cute way to ask your best friends to be your bridesmaids. It involves a little bit of DIY on your part …

You will need:

Favor Boxes
Washi Tape
Twine or Ribbon
• Scissors
• Hole Punch
• Punch Cut

 Download the printable to get started. Print onto the paper color of your choice, we chose white and granny smith. Use the guides to help trim each piece down. Fold the long skinny card with the bridesmaid question like a fan. Use the guides to help.

Next, trim down the pieces that say “yes”. We used a heart punch cut to get the shape. It’s also easier to punch if you keep these in longer stripes instead of small squares. You’ll need to eyeball the placement, so it’s easier to use the punch cut upside down so you can see where the phrase is being placed.


Now, just use a little washi tape to add the heart cut out. Try not to press down too hard when placing the heart onto the card so it pops a bit.

Use a little bit of washi tape to adhere the end of the strip to the bottom of the favor box. This will keep it secure once your future bridesmaid pulls it out of the box.

Now, cut your tags for the outside of the box. Punch a hole in the corner and use some twine to attach the tags to the box.

Now, just watch your future bridesmaid fall in love with this little DIY and immediately say yessss exactly the way you did!!!


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