Sep 08 2014

Why, Thank You!

Quick reminder, everyone! Smitten on Paper is having a 40% sale on all Thank You cards! Just use the code “OHTHANKS40” when checking out. On top of that, leave a comment on this adorable pin with your favorite wedding memory, and you’ll have a chance to win 50 free custom Thank You cards! But you have to hurry because tomorrow, September 12th, is the last day to participate. These are some exciting times, people.

But what exactly goes into a post-wedding thank you card? While you pay such close attention to your invitation suite, couples sometimes struggle to figure out what to say to the guests who celebrated their big day together. Well, worry no more newlyweds! We’ve got you covered. Here are the details of what to say in each card for every situation you can think of.

For Guests who Came from Out of Town…

For Guests who Generously Gave Monetary Gifts…

For Those Gifts You didn’t Particularly Like…

For Guests who Were Unable to Make it…

Keep in mind that a lot of people came to your wedding, and while there’s no set deadline for writing all your cards, there is an unspoken policy that you wait no longer than 6 weeks after the ceremony to send them all out. So stay on top of writing all you cards by writing 4-5 everyday. Of course, it’s easier when you split the load in half–so grooms, write to all of your guests while the brides writes to theirs. One last thing–while excitedly opening all your presents, it’s easy to mix-up who sent what. So always check and re-check to make sure that you’re thanking each and every guest for the correct gift. You can always ask the stores you’ve registered with to send you a list or make a list as you open gifts one-by-one.

Any other questions? Don’t hesitate and feel free to send them our way!

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