Jan 09 2023

What Planner You Should Buy Based On Your Meyers-Briggs Personality Type

Start 2023 off strong with a planner that suits your exact planning style. From list-makers to doers and dreamers, we’ve picked out the best planner to help you achieve your goals. Happy shopping!


Velvet Planner: INFP, ESTP, ISTP

As people who like to organize their thoughts on paper, the Velvet Planner provides the perfect balance of structure and flexibility for even the most strategic of minds. 

The Velvet Planner

available in sage and denim

Weekly Agenda: ISTJ, INTP, ENFJ

This is our most detailed planner and is perfect for people who live for organization. It’s the planner for someone who likes to break tasks down into their component parts and work methodically. It can also handle complex, long-term tasks, which makes it perfect for a leader who loves to dive head first into planning.

The Weekly Agenda

Weekly Record: ISFJ, ENTP

The Weekly Record planner is a minimalist’s planner. It helps you to see your week from a bird’s eye view without getting bogged down in the details. For a person more concerned with people than ideas, this planner helps them stay organized while keeping most of their energy on what they really care about.

The Weekly Record

Keyboard Planner: ESTJ, INTJ, ESFJ

The Keyboard Planner was designed - you guessed it - to sit just above your keyboard so you can keep an eye on your schedule with just a glance. It’s intended for someone more focused on doing than thinking and who values decisiveness. 

The Keyboard Planner

available in gray, marine, and rosebud

Petite Planner: ESFP, ISFP

This mini-planner was made for the girl who’s always on the go. Its smaller size means it’s easy to tuck into your purse as you run off to your next social event.

The Petite Planner

available in blush, black, and wine

Future is Bright Monthly Planner: ENTJ, INFJ, ENFP

When you’re focused on the big picture, this planner is what you need. Whether you’re keeping an eye on bigger goals, or just trying to juggle a busy social schedule, the Future is Bright planner is exactly what you need. Keep on your eye on the prize.

The Future is Bright Planner

available in yellow and black

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