May 16 2012

Vendor Love: Christina Block Photography

Hello everyone! We love being able to share talented work with all of you done by some of our friends from around the paper lovin’ world. Today we bring to you the work of Christina Block of Christina Block Photography. Enjoy!



A quick bio about yourself:
A child of God, Mother to a beautiful 5 year old boy {Asher Max}, and Photographer…a Jacksonville, FL native!


How did you get started?
About 8 or so years ago I took some film {black & white} classes at a local college and it was instant LOVE! My Dad was also into photography growing up & my love for a beautiful image was formed…When I was little I used to dress my little brother up and make him do a photo shoot with me {he had no choice in the matter}!


Where are you located? do you travel for a shoot?
Born & raised in Jacksonville, Florida…and YES, I love to travel & especially if I can mix that with business!


How would you describe your photography style?
Hmmmm…good question! I love simple moments…very airy & organic…almost always includes a dose of vintage flair…I love {love!!} the lifestyle aspect to shooting, being able to come into a clients home & make photographs that they can cherish forever. {turning the normal into beautiful}


What is the most interesting/unexpected thing to happen while on a shoot?
The first shoot that came to mind was when I was photographing a precious little boy with Down Syndrome and during the shoot he started crawling around in the grass and his Mama said that it was a first for him as he never got down to into the grass before…It made that moment very special for me and on top of the fact he was gleaming with happiness…I left that shoot in tears.


If a client is on a budget, how can they get the most bang for their buck?
Besides the editing {which is the longest part of any shoot}, Theme shoots can be a bit more pricey because I actually will shop for & plan a full shoot around that person’s story or personality…So what I would suggest is to pick a {lovely} location and let the elements help out…some of the best shot’s happen like this & will save you some money in the long run.


What is your current obsession?
Glass bottles! {vintage & new} They come in handy for lots of things…for example, my son {loves} to draw & do art activities, so instead of storing the markers & glitter pens in a plastic container, I took out some of my old jars to put on his desk to keep the markers & etc in. It keeps the look simple, minimal & gets away from the plastic stuff! {for example…that old pickle jar you’re about to throw away, throw out the juice, soak it in hot {soapy} water to peel the label off then wash…keep it for future use…I am amazed how many times I use all my old jars.


What do you do for inspiration?
Honestly, nothing in particular…but it seems like the simple {and random} things will pop an idea in my head…like an item in an antique shop, a favorite book…a song, my son’s smile, a color of yarn, a piece of old jewelry…{we could be here ALL day, so I will stop here}!
Which items can you absolutely not live without?
My iphone, macbook pro, chapstick, a water bottle, sunglasses & camera {but as long as I can use my camera phone, I am good to go!}


Three random things about christina block photography?
– I have a whole room that is filled just with props {quilts, old books, garlands & etc}
– I {love} the artistic aspect to photography and actually have sold some salt prints & works that most people have no idea that I do this as well.
– There is usually a Starbucks coffee next to me while editing…{Mmmm cafe mocha!}


What is your workspace like?
I wish I could say that I have a set workspace, but that’s really not the case…I am usually editing in my living room or on my bed {love my macbook pro, can edit anywhere!}


A jet setting trip around the world or a calm road trip across the USA?
Tricky tricky! I guess it would depend, I usually like to fly where I am going…that way I can minimize the “travel” time & just get there & enjoy myself…but a relaxed road trip sounds amazing too…especially with my camera in hand…how fun would that be?!! I just recently drove up to Lynchburg, VA to see my little brother graduate from Law School…it was cool to see so much land and fields…just waiting for a photo shoot…spots like that are far & few between here in Jacksonville!



Anything else you would like to share?
Since I have an open mic, I will use it…to all the beginning photographers out there, please remember that your business {aka: career} does not just happen…it takes MANY, MANY years, plus A LOT of blood, sweat & tears {true story} to get to a spot where you want to be…and the key is not how many fans you have or how popular you are…but the key is the PASSION you feel for what you do…I get a lot of emails from photographers wanted to know what the secret is, when honestly, there is none…And always wanting to know how much money I make…let me just say this…if it wasn’t for my {love} of photography or that happiness I get when I sit down to edit, I wouldn’t do what I do…photography is hard work & it’s far from a get rich quick plot! Remember…do what makes you happy, do what makes you smile!


Where can you reach her?





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