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Jan 18 2012

Tips for your Engagement Photo Shoot


There are so many things to get done when planning your wedding. First, there’s the initial excitement of getting engaged then the work begins! In the early stages of your engagement there’s lots to think about including picking a date, scouring every single bridal magazine and blog for inspiration and … your engagement photos! Now some might think they’re not necessary but how great would it be to able to reflect on the photos and admire the two of you (but mostly laugh at what you thought was fashionable)? So we asked a couple of our wedding biz friends, including Chris Kirby, for a couple quick tips for you. Enjoy…


Numero Uno:
Always trust your photographer. If you know you like your photographer’s style, trust her/him throughout your shoot. What may seem weird or random at the time, will often end up looking great.


Number Two:
Avoid distracting elements. Large logos, reflective surfaces, and bright colors will compete for the spotlight.


Number Three:
Compliment, don’t match. Try complimenting each others outfits, rather than match exactly. Color, texture, and general style are all great ways to compliment each other’s attire for the shoot.


Number Four:
Always always always wear something that you love and feel comfortable in. There is nothing worse than making the effort to buy a new outfit and then end up feeling extremely awkward in front of the camera.


Number Five:
Tell your love story. Always keep in mind these photos are about the two of you.


Hope that helped! Come back tomorrow-we’ll be sharing a couple sneak peeks of our Save the Dates.

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