Jan 30 2012

Thank You via Post

Don’t you love going to the mail box and finding an envelope hand addressed to you? All too often i find myself saying “i’ll just send a quick thank you via email” or “i’ll just wish them happy birthday via facebook”. Then i take a moment to realize how important my family and friends are and the simple gesture of sending a hand written note really means a lot.



The Smitten on Paper team is excited to release our custom line of personal stationery and thank you notes. I just adore the new decorative cut notes shown above…. So long story short – teach your kids to write thank you notes, spread the love with birthday cards, take a moment to tell a friend just how much they mean to you by sending a card by mail. It’s the simple things in life that end up meaning the most. Check back soon to enter our personal stationery contest!

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