Jun 12 2020

Summer Color Palette


Summer is here! 2020 has been a wild ride. We are looking forward to a new season and everything that it will bring.

We are trying something new this summer — choosing a color palette that is specifically inspired by this time period to guide our creative direction. We will use these colors as a thoughtful guide in our marketing, social media, and design decisions during this season. 



We have always worked with a core color palette of neutrals that are true to our brand and used throughout our website, branding and marketing materials. 


The summer 2020 color palette was chosen with these neutrals in mind. The goal is to create a complimentary color story that is fun, nostalgic and inspiring for this specific season. These auxiliary color palettes will rotate as the seasons change.



We have spent a few weeks thoughtfully gathering inspiration. Here are some of our sources:


 From top left to bottom right: @hoppeshoppe | @joycejjoyce_@maemae_co | @g_stromberg | @mimi_likey | @amberasay 


We also created an iPhone and computer background for download if you want to look at these pretty colors on the daily. 

Click here to download the iPhone background

Click here to download the computer background 

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