Aug 18 2014

Smitten on Paper at Twig & Twine

Hidden in the hills of Silverlake lies Twig & Twine, one of the cutest shops in LA. Part boutique and part flower shop, the airy space is brimming with flowers and greens of every kind. It also has cookbooks, greeting cards, and other adorable knickknacks that are the perfect gifts for any occasion.
August, of course, is a busy month for those in the wedding biz. But Heather Williams, the owner and mastermind of Twig & Twine, opened up her space and chatted with me for a little while. She told me how she grew up around flowers, watching her grandmother and mother had worked in their own gardens. However, when Heather was younger, she was more fascinated with the vegetables than with the flowers. After all, vegetables can be eaten, flowers on the other hand…

It wasn’t until she was living in San Francisco that Heather became involved with floral design. A friend who owned her own shop needed an assistant and asked Heather to help out. And so Heather’s life as a floral designer began. She’s come a long way since then—literally. She made the move to LA three and a half years ago and opened up her shop last November.

But LA suits Heather. She loves encouraging Angelenos to try something new when it comes to their floral arrangements. And honestly, she’s got quite an eye for making the most remarkable designs. Reminiscent of scenes out of her mother’s garden with the slightest tinge of wildness, her arrangements are unlike any other. Heather uses her background in graphic design to create movement within each of her pieces by mixing and matching different textures, shapes, hues and depths.
At the end of the day, though, Heather just wants her arrangements to look like the flowers have come together organically. She says, “I want them to have a flow, and not just sit there stagnantly. I like to think that they look somewhat like how you’d find them in nature.”

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