Sep 28 2020

Simple reminders that really help

We are all about making life a little bit simpler. A beautiful and useful Perpetual Calendar is just the thing to help you remember all of the important days you want to celebrate. It is a simple reminder to send a birthday card, make a quick call to wish loved ones a happy anniversary and keep track of important days that might slip by unnoticed.  


With a clean design and beautifully letterpress printed pages, the Perpetual Calendar is a lovely addition to any desk. 


This new calendar comes in two of our favorite floral patterns, Classic Peony and Camellia


Each month features a new inspirational quote. We love the simplicity of this design, and more importantly, we love the idea of keeping celebrations as a part of our everyday. Connecting with friends, family and loved ones becomes a little simpler with this beautiful reminder at your fingertips. 


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