Aug 24 2020

Rainbow Foil Notepads

We are EXCITED with a capital E about the launch of our new Rainbow Foil notepads! They are so fun and special and truly bring a spark of happiness to your desk (always our goal when making anything new). 


The perfect size for your desk, these babies are printed with rainbow foil on each page. And like the rest of our foil notepads, these have 25 sheets of super thick white cardstock. The Happy List is great for special lists and notes. 


The Happy Note pad is a cute square size that is great for writing a quick note to friend. This little guy is an instant day brightener. :)


See, so darn cute and happy. 


Also, a funny little note about designing: If anyone would have said two years ago that we would design and launch a whole rainbow collection I would have laughed and given a hard pass. 2020 has taught us some good lessons on acknowledging change and embracing it when you can. So, a friendly reminder that it's OK to change your mind. Sometimes the best things come out of a perspective shift. 


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