Nov 20 2014

Pop-Up Shop … Round 4!

We’re only 10 days away! Yay! We have tons of cool things in store for you, here are a couple more of the sellers that will be participating in the Pop Up Shop on Saturday, November 29th.


Bodhi Swag
It’s been said to never do business with family or friends. This saying went out the window when sisters, and best friends Laura Kavanaugh and Nydia Cisneros created BODHI SWAG. Today BODHI SWAG draws inspiration from the elements that surround life in Southern California. BODHI SWAG’s foundation is built on it’s signature cocoon sillouette, tailored headwear, and accessories. All influenced from an array of prints and fabrics. BODHI SWAG designs for the woman with the eternal smile of a girl. Who skinny dips under the round moon, and in the warmth of the sunlight becomes more vibrant. She lives in the moment, and provokes us to do the same.


Delusions of Grandeur
We are Delusions of Grandeur Design, a geometric jewelry line designed by Keren Kemp. Coming to you from the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, this quirky designer and her crew hammer, drill, twist, cast, and solder every piece by hand. The task is epic but we make everything with love just for you. We do our best to give our wearers style and confidence as they navigate the modern world.


Isimo Co.
Founded in 2014, ISIMO co is a textile and decor studio. At ISIMO, we are obsessed with inventive, colorful, and quirky design. Every piece is a handmade one-of-a-kind, with patterns and wall art being designed in-house or made from textiles from Mexico, Turkey, Peru, etc.

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