Jul 05 2012

Pixie Stick Pinwheels

Do you ever wonder what they sell at the 99 cent store? Well I happened to be there over the weekend and you’ll be amazed at what you can find. It’s seriously my new favorite place. When I saw the pixie sticks it brought me right back to when I was kid dumping as much of that yummy sugar into my mouth as I could!  Anyways I bought a bunch thinking they would make great Pin Wheel holders.  But wait add on a tag for guest names, place on a menu and look how fun these can be! The “Oh Boy It’s Time to Eat” menus are perfect for a boy baby shower.



To make these fun Pixie Stick Pin Wheels follow our pin wheel instruction post here. But instead of the standard dowel use a pixie stick instead. And to recreate this menu simply print your menu on a 4×6 card and glue on to our scallop cut backers. You can find them at Smitten on Paper’s Paper Shop. I just love it! I hope you try this one for your next party.

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