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Aug 02 2012

Paper Straw + Tag Love

Do all of you love paper straws as much as we do? We just added tons of paper straws to our DIY section and we wanted to give you an idea of how to personalize them and make them extra cute.


You will need:
paper straws
tags in the styles of your choice
washi tape
• pen
• hole punch
• scotch tape
• glue gun


Start by writing your guests’ names onto the tags. Next, hole punch a couple of the tags. If you’re hole punching the flag tag, you’ll want to wait to write your guest’s name to make sure you left yourself enough space.


Now, just slide your paper straw through the two holes you have punched into the tag. Prepare yourself for how adorable this is going to look!


So, that’s one way to add the tags to the straws. You can also use some scotch tape and a bit of glue for the flag tags. Add a bit of tape to the end of the tag then wrap it around the straw.


Once you’ve wrapped it around the straw, use a glue gun to secure the tag.


We also put together some cute mustache straws! The best part is that you can now get these from our Paper Shop along with a new heart and pipe shape! You can easily write guest names on these too. All we did was add a bit of washi tape to secure these to the straws.


How cute do those look?! They make your drink look extra fancy!

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