Jun 27 2016

New Workshops added to our Summer Schedule!

Calligraphy Bootcamp

with Calligraphy Companion

Saturday, July 30th, 2016 • 10 am – 5 pm • $250

Click HERE to reserve your spot!


This class is for students who want to improve their Copperplate script and trouble shoot common issues.

In this intensive bootcamp, Calligraphy Companion will focus mainly on the details of Copperplate script (e.g. slant, oval forms, letter proportions and ratios, shades, hairlines, etc.) and the methods for achieving uniformity in those facets. Technical aspects of practice such as pen and paper angles, pen grip, tine movement, squaring tops and bottoms of stems, etc. will also be discussed in this class.

Each student will have one-on-one time with the instructors that is catered to his or her needs.

REQUIREMENTS: To get the most out of this bootcamp, they recommend that students have some knowledge and experience with Copperplate script, such as basic letter structures of both uppercase and lowercase.


For more information, please visit Calligraphy Companion’s website!


Brush Pen Lettering Workshop

with Daniel Palacios

Saturday, September 17th, 2016 • 1 pm – 4 pm • $150

Click HERE to reserve your spot!


This 3-hour workshop will provide you with a basic overview of the script lettering process with an emphasis on brush pens. Through demonstrations, examples and critiques, you will learn:
  • the difference between calligraphy and lettering
  • how to combine the two to make a custom composition
  • where to properly place thick and thin strokes using pressure
  • capital and lowercase script letterform construction
  • how to utilize tracing to enhance and adjust a single word
  • how to create visual interest by adding swashes and ligatures

You will also have the chance to develop a custom-lettered word of your choice (name, favorite word, thing or place) and ask for individual feedback.

All materials will be provided.
For more information, visit Daniel’s website!


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