Sep 04 2012

Mini Gift Bag or Party Favor Bag DIY Project

Hope everyone had a lovely long weekend. Here at the Smitten headquarters we are looking forward to a busy week bringing you fun new projects and inspirational ideas. Check out these super cute mini gift bags. Use them if you want to give a small gift such as a gift card or they would make excellent party favor bags. Just line with some wax paper and fill with some homemade baked goods. YUM!



This project comes together in no time. Just download the patterned bag template here and follow these simple steps.

1. Print out the template on card stock. Score on the dotted lines using a straight edge for a guide and a bone folder or the back side of an xacto knife for scoring. (bone folder makes a cleaner score line).
2. Cut out the printed pattern.
3. Cut slits where the white lines appear.
4. Fold along all score marks.
5. Unfold and use any type of glue or double sided tape along the entire length of the tab flap.
6. Fold and glue the tab flap to the back panel. Now you have the beginnings of your gift bag.
7. To close up the bottom fold in the 2 short flaps and 1 of the long flaps. Put glue on the last flap.
8. Fold flap over to seal the bottom of your gift bag.
9. For the handles you’ll need a small piece of card stock that measures 2.75 x 1 inch & twine or ribbon that measures about 6 inches (you’ll need 2 of each of these items since there are 2 handles). Put glue or double sided tape on one side of the card stock (make sure you have good coverage) & glue down handles.
10. Place the sticky side of your card stock with the ribbon handle already attached on the the interior wall of your bag. Repeat on other side.

And there you have it – the cutest little gift bag you’ve ever seen!



Decorate with any of our favor tags to add that personal touch. And yes our gift tags can say what ever you like. We can even add your own art work if you like. All you have to do is ask. Enjoy friends – I hope you give this project a go I personally want to make a whole bunch of them for the holidays!

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