Feb 03 2012

Meet the designers – Part 5

Q. What trend setting things do you see happening in 2012?

A. Bold patterns and bright colors. I love that people are becoming more playful with thier invitations. It is so fun to spice things up with unexpected pops of color or patterns in hidden places.


Q. What is your favorite invitation you’ve designed for SOP?

A. A vintage type inspired invitation that is both modern and retro (it will be making its appearance on the website shortly).

Q. What do you hope to bring to our readers?

A. I hope that our readers become just as excited about good design and fun products as we are!


Q. What is your current obsession?

A. Letterpress and anything striped


Q. What three things do you have with you on a daily basis?

A. iPhone (I can’t stop instagramming), a notebook, a tall nonfat mocha


Q. What are on the top shelves of your inspiration library right now?

A. I love broadsides from the turn of the century that feature handset type and engravings. The sense of history is really inspiring. I’m also a blog addict: fashion, design, lifestyle, fine art, printmaking — I love them all. Oh, and anything circus inspired is on my very top shelf.


Q. What is one piece of advice you would offer to a young designer/artist?

A. Design and make what you love, even if its not in style, chances are others will love it too.


Q. What is the most glamorous thing you own?

A. A Golding lettepress circa 1888 named Pearl. She’s pretty fabulous.

Q. What do you love about wedding invitations, designing wedding invitations?

A. I love it when an idea comes together and becomes so much more than ink on paper. Invitations can be little works of art, traveling through the post to reach their audience.

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