Sep 26 2014

Maid of Honor Gift Set

Are you looking for a sweet way to ask your Maid of Honor or Bridesmaids to be a part of your big day… look no further, we have created a gift set that she surely can’t resist.

What you will need to make this gift box Oh so Fancy!

Sofia Champagne – Cheers! We purchased this beauty from our local BevMo. The Sofia Champagne has a stunning label with the perfect touch of gold foil accents… It’s kind of our favorite.

Request Card – Please download our freebie bridesmaid request card from our previous blog post. Click here.

Paint Swatches – Pantone swatches were a score. We found these at our local Lowes. Pick swatch colors that best represent what color dresses you’ll want your girls to shop for.

Custom Stationery – We’ve got you covered! We have so many customizable options in our online shop.

Flower Bunch – We couldn’t resist these precious flowers! The hints of pink and purple on the tips of the petals are too cute…from our local Whole Foods.

Nail Polish – Essie is always a great choice. Again make sure to pick shades that will help your girls understand what color scheme you’re trying to create.

Wooden Box – We picked this box up from Hobby Lobby! We loved the natural look of the wood, but this box would be super cute stained or painted some lovely color.


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