Jun 18 2012

Lucky in Love!

There is nothing more exciting and fun than receiving an invitation in the mail that goes above and beyond the normal invite. Here’s a fun little DIY to help you with that. Create a fun scratcher for all of your guests to reveal certain details for the party! You’ll need just a couple of things …


You will need a paintbrush, dish soap, metallic acrylic paint, your invite and some pennies!


Mix 1 part soap to 2 parts paint. Keep in mind that a little mixture goes a long way. I made this little batch and ended up tossing most of it out.


Carefully paint one layer of paint onto your invitation. Once the first layer dries (which won’t take too long) add a second layer.


And … you’re done! Once the second layer dries feel free to scratch away! Make sure to toss in a couple pennies when you send these in the mail. You can use this little idea for almost anything – favor tags, party games … the possibilities are endless! Keep an eye out for more DIYs including this little paint mixture!




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