Feb 12 2015

Ladyfingers Hand Lettering Workshop

Well, our first workshop was definitely a success. High fives all around! We had the talented duo behind Ladyfingers Letterpress stop by and teach a hand lettering class in our new space. I mean … it was pretty awesome. Not only are they super talented but they are also some of the nicest gems we’ve met.


Each of our students got these awesome little tote bags. We filled them gold foiled pencils, note cards and a foil stamped Smitten on Paper notebook. We’re normally not big fans of pink, but we couldn’t get over how fun it looked against our white walls. Ladyfingers treated everyone to Valentine’s Day cards, a pen pouch from Sakura of America and a set of pens to use during the class.

Then came introductions! The ladies gave us a quick little history on how they got started. You should take a second to read that story, you can find it here on their website. It’s a pretty awesome story. Everyone in class took turns introducing themselves and why they were taking the class.

Ps. That’s Emily McDowell. Awesome, right?

Arley is truly one of the most talented designers we have met. Her lettering just seems to flow so naturally from her hands. High five! She also lettered our address on our chalkboard, which we now refuse to erase!

Thank you to Ladyfingers for even wanting to do this with us. Thank you to Rainy of Circa Vintage Rentals for providing us with tables and gorgeous little vessels for our blooms and a very big thank you to everyone that attended.


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