May 08 2020

Jennifer Letterpress Invites

The Jennifer suite is from our Vintage Wedding Collection available from our wedding partners through the US found on our stockists page. If you are outside of the US please contact us for more information.


Jennifer is modern, understated and incredibly chic. Simple and clean type treatment letterpress printed on thick, pillowy paper give her an air of sophistication. Subtle watercolor details keep this suite on trend without being too much. And a touch of matte gold foil in the envelope liner doesn't hurt.  


The nude-blush and tan color color palette keeps the suite feeling fresh. 


The save the date is printed in matte gold foil, differentiating it from the invite and adding a hint of glamour. 


The thank you set combines the matte gold foil stamping and watercolor for a perfect notecard. 


The simplicity of the design is highlighted by the mix of printing methods and textures. Tactile letterpress printing, subtle watercolor and a hint of gold foil add up to a perfectly chic wedding. 

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