Oct 19 2012

How to Add Hot Fix Crystals

We just finished up on this custom program order & thought it would be a perfect time to show everyone how to use hot fix crystals. Some invitations are just screaming out for a little bling and it’s a  snap to do!



Here we have the unembellished wedding program. Still really pretty but just look what a few crystals can do.



All you need is a jewel gun and hot fix crystals. Jewel guns can be picked up at your local craft store for about $20.00.  As for the crystals – don’t cheap out buy the good stuff it makes a difference. I always buy Swarovski in size 12SS. I find it fits most of my needs.  Make sure to order flat back hot fix crystals. This means the glue is already on the back of each crystal & all it needs is heat to activate it.



Step 1: place your crystal(s) in desired location
Step 2: place your jewel gun on top of the crystal for a few seconds until you can feel the crystal move around slightly
This process is easy but it does take a little bit of time but I think it’s well worth it!

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