May 06 2020

Goal Getter

The Goal Getter is so fun! Just look at the happy yellow cover - so fun! It also comes in black for the more understated among us. 


This little notebook is jam packed with features to help you create daily habits and achieve longer term goals. We made some important design decisions to keep this little guy as functional as possible. 




It's 5x7" and bound with a simple staple stitch. This is meant to be used on a daily basis and carried in your purse or backpack or on your bedside table. We did not want it to be too precious or intimidating to use. Toss it, use it as a coster, fill it in and let it reflect all of the messy parts of life. It is not a perfect item to be saved for later. USE IT!



There are a ton of functional design elements in this to help you make the most of your daily habits. However, you do not NEED to fill in every page or box or prompt. Use the ones that work for you and forget the rest. Again for the people in the back - don't fill in items for the sake of having a full page. If you only have 1 goal you want to track per month, great! If the Weekly Wins section doesn't help you then don't use it. No one is watching and you will not be graded on this. 




Watch the video below to see all of the features and how we like to use them.  


And marvel at the *highly professional* video blogging set up we have at home during quarantine.  


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