May 07 2013

Flat Bow Favor Box DIY




Today’s DIY is a super easy way to make your party favors extra fancy and adorable. Plus, it is the perfect way to add our new pinback buttons! We LOVE buttons!





1. Cut a piece of 1.5″ grosgrain ribbon about 12 inches in length. Fold the end of the ribbon back on itself about 2″ to create the first loop of the bow and place a dot of hot glue at the end. 2. Fold the opposite end of the ribbon back onto itself about 2 inches again to create the other loop of the bow. 3. Fold the loose end at a 45 degree angle. 4. Wrap the loose end around the front of the bow. 5. Place a dot of glue on the back of the bow. 6. Wrap the loose end around the back, on top of the glue and secure. 7. Trim off the excess ribbon. 8. You’ve got yourself a nice, neat little bow, perfect for your favor boxes.






Now you just need to glue the flat bow onto your favor box and add an adorable button. Heck yeah!

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