Dec 13 2011


Something about this time of year makes traditions particularly significant.

Maybe it has to do with the winding down of the year, a time when you want to be around those people that make your life more meaningful. If you ask someone what kind of things their family does around the holidays you’re bound to get a different answer from almost everyone. There are the grandma visiting families, the ones that make and eat tamales, the families that eat sufganiot and say, “chello.”

Terri’s family has a game night.  It consists of a theme, (this year ties) to dress up to and cut-throat game playing for prizes. This year she is going to make a tie that looks like a mountain slope and put a little skier on there!

My family piles into a car and goes out light looking; there is hot cocoa and blankets but also a conch shell.  The ritual includes a points and rewards system, (that includes honking at houses) and blowing on the conch shell for low scoring decorations.







Okay well there are some of our cheesy and fun tradtions.

If you feel so included leave us a comment and tell us how you and your loved ones celebrate the end of another year!


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