Sep 22 2022

The Perfect Wedding Invitation For You Based On Your Favorite Fall Movie

The first day of autumn is here, bringing crisp morning air, colorful leaves, and a sudden desire for anything pumpkin-flavored. And while summer may be the most popular season for weddings, we have a soft spot for the warmth and coziness of autumn nuptials. 

We all have that one movie that immediately gets us in the mood for the season. So we've chosen the perfect suite for you based on your favorite fall movie or show. Get ready because you're going to want a cup of hot apple cider when you're done. 



1. If your favorite is Gilmore Girls...

You enjoy coffee, fast-talking with friends, coffee, browsing through bookshops, and oh, did we mention coffee? No one knows how to do fall like Stars Hollow, so you're someone who really knows how to celebrate. We'd be surprised if there isn't already a fall wreath hanging on your door.

You Should Choose: The Madison Suite

Our Madison suite is both warm and charming, exactly what a wedding at a local inn demands. The only thing missing is the smell of old books and coffee.



2. If your favorite is When Harry Met Sally...

There's nothing like a slow burn romance to set our hearts aflame. Besides pretending you're not in love with your best friend, you love long phone calls, trips to the art museum, and a sharp tweed jacket. Your idea of the perfect date is strolling through Central Park and enjoying the fall foliage with a cup of coffee in hand.

You Should Choose: The Kendra Suite

 The Kendra suite has a touch of East Coast elegance with a hint of modern flair. You're not content with the standard invite, you want something with more individuality. And since you're obsessed with the details, every piece of this suite has a little something for you.



3. If your favorite is Practical Magic...

You have a small-town vibe with a deep desire for adventure and magic. An ordinary life just isn't good enough for you, every moment needs to add a little spark to your life. You're most likely found reading at the attic window or tending to the garden in an extravagant robe. 

You Should Choose: The Sara Suite

The Sara suite is the perfect blend of whimsy and dark romance. Rich details like wine-colored ribbon and gold foil accents remind you of old books and velvet robes. This will be one invitation your guests will never forget.



4. If your favorite is Dead Poets Society...

You're a literature lover and think dark academia is the ultimate aesthetic. Your idea of the perfect day is studying in the library, followed by hours of philosophical discussion with your closest friends. 

You Should Choose: The Jocelyn Suite

 Go Ivy League-chic with the rich emerald Jocelyn suite. With both letterpress and foil printing, it has the vintage elegance you crave. The watercolor textures call to mind a rainy day spent cozied up with tea and a good book.



5. If your favorite is You've Got Mail...

You may not be the owner of the cutest bookshop in NYC, but you've certainly dreamed of it. You love celebrating each holiday to the fullest and value a partner who shares your love of life and wit. You've had your home decorated for fall since the first of September, and you believe it's never too early in the year for pumpkin.

You Should Choose: The Sweet Summer Suite

The delicate details and warm tones of the Sweet Summer suite are sure to win you over. You've probably dreamed of having a harvest wedding ever since you were a little girl, and now is the moment to make your dreams come true. 



6. If your favorite is Hocus Pocus...

You've got a flair for the dramatic and love to  be the center of attention. You love bold colors and vintage details. Halloween is the peak night of your whole year, and you always go all-out on your costume. No one has ever accused you of being boring.

You Should Choose: The Abigail Suite

The Abigail suite's handmade paper invite looks like it was just taken from the Book of Spells. Delicate script gives an old-fashioned flair. And what else but gold foil to complete our magic spell? 


Make sure to put on your fall favorite in the background for your next wedding planning session, to set the mood. There's nothing like a little autumn magic to make a wedding memorable.

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