Jul 23 2012

Easy DIY Paper Flowers

Happy Monday everyone. Let’s start the week off with a fun new project! These easy paper flowers are a cinch to make – they take zero concentration so sit yourself in front of your favorite television show and start your project.


What you need:
1. Flower puncher, any shape will do. But I suggest something about 2 inches in diameter
2. Scrap paper in your favorite colors
3. Something sharp to make a small hole, I used an xacto knife
4. Mini metal brads



Step 1: Stack about 5 flowers on top of each other
Step 2: Polk a hole in the center of the stack of flowers
Step 3: Insert your brad and fasten
Step 4: Start crinkling each layer until you are happy with your flower
At this point you can use your flowers for just about anything you want but the next few steps show you how to use these flowers as escort card toppers. CUTE!
Step 5: Tape flower to a stick, I used a flat coffee stir stick (hey, it works and no one has to know what it really is)
Step 6 & 7: Use washi tape to tape on flag labels
Step 8: Write in guest name
And… that will do it, you are done!


Try clipping these on to menus, programs or top off your favorite favor boxes. You can’t go wrong – these flowers are fun & easy. The perfect touch to a casual rustic party. Have fun everyone and please let me know if you try this one!

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