Feb 06 2012

Dress up your envelopes!

We’ve designed a couple of really fun things here at Smitten on Paper, but some of our favorites are our fancy cut address labels! Not only do they dress up your envelopes and add tons o’ personality but they also speed up the return addressing process, which is definitely a nice little bonus. We have lots of designs to choose from in our signature flag or bracket cut designs.


Take a look at some of our favorite flag cut designs. Perfect for every occasion from your wedding invites to baby announcements and everything in between.


Our bracket cut designs are super cute and perfectly function as both a return address for your mailing envelope and rsvp envelope. The best part? We have so many styles to choose from and you will almost always find an address label to match your custom wedding invitation, baby announcement or birthday party invite. We like to make it easy on you here at Smitten on Paper so we put together a little tutorial for attaching your fancy address labels. Fear not, it’s the easiest thing to do!


Step 1: Peel the backing off of the label!
Step 2: Eyeball the placement of the address label, but don’t press down until you’re happy with the placement.
Step 3: Press down firmly onto the label, this will be your anchor so you want to make sure it’s straight.
Step 4: Wrap the label around to the backside of the envelope and press down firmly.
Step 5: You’re all done! Now you can get these in the mail and be the talk of the town!

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