Feb 06 2014

DIY: Valentine Muslin Bags

Valentine muslin bags that are perfect for stuffing candy, gifts, cards, or just for decoration! For today’s DIY use our free design templates and choose a design that you like best, or do them all! Enjoy!


Design Templates

Acrylic Paint

Paint Brushes

Exacto Knife

Muslin Bags


1. After printing out your template place it on a cuttable surface. (I used a cutting matt.)

2. Begin cutting out the black shapes and letters of the design.

3. Then place the cut out template over the muslin bag. (It helped to tape the template down so it doesn’t move while you paint.)

4. Begin painting over the template with whatever colors you’d like! I chose gold, black, pink, and red. After you have painted all cut out areas let dry for a couple of minutes. For an extra pop of color I tied baker’s twine around the top. Then pull back the template paper to reveal your beautiful bag!


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