Jan 29 2014

DIY: Snack Time Favor Bag

Send guest home with a delicious midnight snack to finish of the perfect day. Snack time favor bags are perfect gifts for friends, family or guest at any event or wedding. They are easy to make and do not require many supplies. The kraft favor bags are the ideal material for stuffing with snacks, and the cut out window allows your guest to take a sneak peek at what’s to come. Best of all, you can buy most of the supplies at our shop. Enjoy!


Kraft/Patterned Bags

Gold Foiled Hang tags

Poly Bags


Washi Tape



1. Using scrap paper, cut a square about 3”. This will be your template for your window.

2. Place the template over bag and trace.

3. Now you have the outline for your display window.

4. Using a scissor, carefully cut the window along the lines, making sure you do not pierce the bag all the way through.

5. Cut all your bags in the same manner. Be mindful that only one side of the bag will have the see through window as shown.

6. Take the small poly bag and tape all sides (we like to use washi tape)

7. Carefully slide the poly bag inside the kraft bag with the tape sticky side facing up, this will insure your see through window sticks to the front of the kraft bag.

8. Voila, cute kraft patterned bags done.

Now that your favor bags are stuffed with treats, seal it with an adorable scallop hang tag.

Cute right?!

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