Oct 31 2012

DIY Projects with Smitten’s Paper Shop

I wanted to share some fun things to do with our decorative cut flat cards. Today I’m use an A7 decorative cut card in kraft.



Project 1: All your guests will love to see some pictures from your big day. Try making your own thank you cards with Smitten’s A7 decorative cut cards. Write your message on the front side and adhere a photo on the back. Super cute!


Project 2:  To stay organized and on time – let your friends and family know what’s happing the day of the wedding. Print your time line on a 4 x 6 piece of paper and adhere with colorful washi tape. Love it!


Project 3: Signage – you’ll need plenty of these for the big day. Make signs for your sign in table, dessert bar, reserved signs and more! Print on 4 x 6 piece of paper and adhere with washi tape. Cute and useful!

Hope you all enjoy these simple projects and hop on over to smitten on paper to find everything you need. Happy Halloween everyone! Have fun and stay safe. See you tomorrow.

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