Dec 16 2013

DIY: Petite Holiday Wreath

The holidays are always filled with such joy and wonder. it’s always fun seeing all the homes lit up and decorated. For today’s DIY, we thought it would be a great holiday craft project to make your very own petite wreath. It’s super easy and you can do it right at home with friends or family. Not only is this wreathe both cute and festive but everyone gets to go home with one!



1. First gather various types of greenery from outside. Work with what you have, here in California we don’t get much pine, so we made our wreathe with some vines. Once you’ve gathered your greens, form them into a circle. To hold them in place, use wooden clothespins.

2. Now that they are in place, tie them off so they stay put, you do not want your wreath coming undone!

3. With ribbon, tinsel or anything else you can find, begin wrapping the stems of the greenery. The gold tinsel makes it pop a little more, we recommend it.

4. After your done, complete the look with a bow at the top. And voila, all done!

Doesn’t our petite wreath look great on our office door!?

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