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Apr 18 2012

DIY: Jazzin’ up your envelope liners

Envelope liners can make all the difference when jazzin’ up your invitations. They can either add a pop of color or pattern to your entire suite and it’s a nice little surprise for your guests when opening the envelope. Today we’re going to tinker a bit with solid color envelope liners. It’s an easy, quick and affordable way to add a bit of charm to your envelopes and invitation. So, don’t forget to add envelope liners to your order!


You will just need a couple things for this DIY. Envelopes, liners, a puncher (we’re using Martha Stewart’s heart puncher) and some washi tape.


Get your envelopes, liners and puncher together. Place the liner into the envelope and you can either eyeball the placement of the punch out or be a bit more exact and make sure it’s centered. If you’re using a shape that’s a bit more abstract, the placement does not have to be so exact.


I love the idea of adding a bit of washee tape behind this heart shape. It’s so simple, sweet and whimsical and compliments the playful type on our Romance Script wedding invitation.




You can also forget about the washi tape entirely and just let the color of the envelope peek through. A couple other things you can do are hand write your initials, add a picture which would be adorable for a baby shower invitation or baby announcement. The possibilities are endless, just have a little bit of fun with it!


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