Aug 13 2014

Chat with Smitten on Paper!

Good news, everyone! Smitten on Paper now has a chat app on our website! At the bottom right hand corner of every Smitten page, you’ll find a little, mint chat box, which you can use to shoot any and all questions you may have. So don’t be shy! Message us during our normal business hours, and you’ll immediately get a response from a Smitten Designer.
Oh, you want to meet the the Smitten Designers who work with you on all your invitation, DIY, and stationery needs? Why not! Introducing Terri, Amy, and Vanessa. We asked them to tell us three neat, little facts about themselves, and here’s what they said.




  • Terri’s getting married in October! And he just happens to be a designer, just like her. Fate is funny, isn’t it?
  • Her all time favorite meal is a cheeseburger and vanilla milk shake from In ‘n Out.
  • One day, she hopes to open a little pancake shop.




    • Amy is an amazingly talented letterpress printer and book artist.
    • She’s the proud owner of a chocolate lab named Winston Churchill.
    • If she had to choose another career, she would have been a novelist.




      • Vanessa is an avid reality TV watcher.
      • Her favorite foods include hot wings & french fries.
      • She is a Beyoncė superfan–need we say more?
      • We look forward to chatting away with you, so keep in touch!


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