Aug 13 2012

Chalkboard Table Numbers with Satin Ribbon flowers

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. It’s been over 100 degrees here in so. cal so I’ve been hiding out indoors working on some new projects. This is actually a double project – chalkboard table numbers & satin ribbon flowers. Put them together and you get a frilly vintage inspired table number project.



To make the chalkboard table number sign all you need is a wooden plaque and some chalkboard paint. You can also use something as simple as chipboard if you do not have any wooden boards available.



Steps for satin ribbon flowers:
1. Cut 1.5 inch wide ribbon about 10 inches long
2. Do a running stitch along the length of the ribbon
3. Pull tight and tie off in a knot
4. Put the 2 raw edges together and continue to sew the edges closed, tie off in a knot
5. Flip you flower over and fluff out
6. Use your hot glue gun to glue on your center detail – I’ve used a button.



Pretty huh? These flowers are so fun and easy you can make a bunch in no time. Change the style of your flowers by switching between different style ribbons and buttons. In case you are wondering today I used Midori double face satin ribbon in Fawn & Oyster. The buttons are just inexpensive buttons I picked up at my local fabric store. They are kinda granny looking but that’s what love about them. I want to try making these flowers out of lace ribbon too…maybe next weekend.


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