Feb 22 2012

Chalkboard DIY

Will Martha and her minions ever cease to amaze?

This has been around the web for a while, but I just recently tried it out– homemade chalkboard paint.

And it works.

Follow Martha’s recipe and get ready to unleash your creativity.  This time around I tried out different stripes, (see below).

Just tape off the area you’d like a go to town. Next time I’m going to try shapes and watering down the paint for a watercolor effect.


There are so many things you can do! If you have a great project please share.

Check out this porcelain chalkboard paint project from Wit & Whistle.



Here are some other chalkboard inspirations from around pinterest, and a couple from me


1. My Stripes! très French, no?

2.  Molding frame from other chalkboard project

3. Bed Frame

4. Ornate Frame

5. Chalkboard Room

6. Extra tall Chalkboard



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