Mar 27 2013

Bunny Ear Bow DIY

Easter is coming up this weekend! Today is the perfect day to get all of your bunny related goodies in order for friends, family, co-workers and classmates. Our Bunny Ear Bow DIY is the perfect way to present your treats!


We used our Classic Sak Favor Bags (they’re on sale, $25 for 100!). Just follow the instructions below and then pat yourself on the back for whipping up something so cute!


To make the bow: 1 Fold your ribbon back on itself about 1 inch and place a dot of hot glue on the bottom right corner on the folded piece of ribbon. Fold the long section onto the dot of glue leaving about an inch for that fold as well. Fold the loose end into a 45 degree angle. 3 Wrap the loose end around the back and cut the ribbon so there is a 1/2 inch tail. 4 Put hot glue on the tail and fold over the 45 degree fold. Flip it over and ta-da you’ve got a cute little bow!


To make the bunny ears: Simply put a dot of hot glue on one end of the ribbon, fold it over on itself and trim. Then adhere it to the back of your bow. Repeat for the other ear.


Write names or draw a little bunny doodle on your bags and fill them with your favorite Easter treat (we like mini Cadbury Eggs).


Tie your Sak closed on the back side and the glue your bunny ears on the front. And you’re done! Now enjoy a few peeps for your hard work.


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