Feb 18 2016

BMAS Foundations in Script Writing Workshop

We are thrilled to be hosting a workshop at our Monrovia, CA studio with Bmas, a collaboration between two amazingly talented calligraphy artists, Joi of Bien Fait and David of Masgrimes. This full day workshop will be a great opportunity to learn the Foundations of Script Writing from two lettering masters who rarely make their way to California!


Registration opens Friday, February 19th at 8am PST. There is limited seating available, so don’t delay!


April 16th, 2016

9:30am – 5:00pm 

with a 1 hour break for lunch

Early Bird $265, Regular Ticket $300




Join Chicago Calligrapher, Bien Fait Calligraphy and Portland Calligrapher, Masgrimes for an introduction to the foundational principals used in Engrosser’s Script calligraphy, commonly known as “Copperplate”.

In this workshop, beginner to advanced students learn to critique their calligraphy by discussing ideals and principals for the perfect geometric forms used by writing masters from the Golden Age of Penmanship. Whether you choose to pursue classical or modern freestyle calligraphy, an understanding of the fundamentals of letterforms will enhance your skill set and improve your writing ability.

This class is co-taught by Joi and David so that means one-on-one time with each instructor. This means you will be receiving help on aspects specific to YOUR practice, grip, posture, and any other challenges. This one-on-one time is a core aspect of our teaching philosophy.

A kit with required materials for this class will be provided for you.  Please indicate if you are right or left handed.  Please also feel free to bring any tools and supplies that you may already own (We want you to be comfortable!)

Some words from past attendees:

“Joi and David’s workshop was the perfect experience. They broke down the strokes of engrosser’s script down to the very basics and in great detail explained the why and the how. It didn’t matter if you had experience in calligraphy or none at all, they broke it down in a way that was enlightening for all students. Also, they made sure to come talk to every single person in the class with every new piece of instruction to make sure you had the opportunity to ask questions specific to your own work. Joi and David were personally invested in every single person in the room, and that made all the difference in the world.”

–  Meg Bosse

“David and Joi are both incredibly talented calligraphers and extremely knowledgable (even on techniques that are not typical to them). I am left-handed and they both showed me hands on techniques, how to not only get comfortable with holding the straight pen, adjusting my angles, but also demonstrating specific letters and combinations I struggle with. They both moved effortlessly around the room interacting with everyone and demonstrating on a chalkboard, and on everyone’s paper. “

– Jasmine Boothroyd

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