Dec 14 2011

Artist Feature: Katherine Long

I’m terrible at drawing. Absolutely terrible. Just the other day at the SoP offices we were chatting about the fact that some people are just naturally born with the ability to draw or be artisitc. At SoP we are lucky enough to be surrounded by very talented individuals including our very own, Katherine Long. Katherine just recently graduated from Biola University with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Painting and Design. Her senior show was just last week and it was absolutely gorgeous. PS. She also hand-painted all the gorgeous lettering! Enjoy!


Q: Katherine, tell our readers a little bit about yourself and your many talents!
A:   This is the part where I make up stuff, (like juggling, underwater basket weaving, etc.)  Honestly I’m notorious in my family for quitting activities, like piano, ice skating, guitar, at least in the past.  Now I stick to drawing and design, and the occasional lion taming, (obviously humor is not a talent).


Q: There is something so personal and thoughtful about your show. What was your concept?
A:  The show is about dying and being forgotten; memory is a delicate and tentative thing. Based on old photographs, the drawings are different family members who are in the stages of being forgotten.




Q: Do you look to other artists for inspiration?
A:  YES! Many, many, many.  From Illustrators, (Jillian Tamaki and Olaf Hajek) to more traditional, (Lucien Freud and John Singer Sargent).  

Q: When did you first start dabbling in hand-lettering?
A:  A couple years ago when I took this typography class and fell in love with letterforms.


Q: What are some of your go-to tools? What items do you always use when working?
A:  Mechanical pencils, lots of gouache, nib pens, charcoal pencils, china markers, scraps of paper


Q: What is your guilty indulgence?
A:  A big hot Mocha


Q: What is the most fun you have ever had?
A:  Any time with my big brother Paul Anthony is the most fun– love that guy!




Q: What excites you about painting, lettering, drawing, art in general? A:  It’s beautiful, distinctly human and slow.  You have to slow down to make it and slow down to appreciate it.  I want to be the kind of person who can be satisfied with slow things like introspection and art. 

Q: What 4 things are important when creating?
1.  Put the project or piece above yourself, (or at least try to)

2. Be open to where change can take you

3. Try to be fearless and honest

4. Be safe/Have fun/ Look both ways



Q: Lastly, please draw your dream studio space.


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