Feb 14 2023

2023 Wedding Trends We Can’t Get Enough Of

The Knot nicknamed 2022 “The Wedding Boom” for obvious reasons! After several years of cancelled ceremonies, postponed celebrations, and pandemic stress, the wedding industry came back to life in 2022 with too many parties to count. 2022 was a year where couples went all out! This coming year, there are several new wedding trends evolving that we can not get enough of. Couples are continuing to find non-traditional ways to invoke their unique personalities and stories into their big day. Here are a few 2023 wedding trends that we can’t wait to see! 


Welcome Parties

After years of restricted travel, many couples getting married in 2023 will continue to plan destination weddings. According to Vogue, both local and destination weddings are expanding into weekend-long events. This can span from welcome parties the night before the ceremony, to big brunches hosted the morning after the wedding reception. In 2023, we expect to see many couples kick off their wedding weekend with creative welcome parties! 


The newlyweds have minimal time to see and catch up with all their guests during the reception. Welcome parties are a great way to host out of town guests and to have more quality time to catch up with family and friends. This event can be informal, such an invitation to meet for drinks in the hotel bar, or it can be a more organized event hosted after the rehearsal dinner. 


A Maximalist Aesthetic  

After so many canceled weddings and intimate ceremonies, many couples are going all out! Maximalism weddings can refer to the size and volume of the event, or to the aesthetic. A maximalist wedding does not mean that the event can’t be classy or sophisticated. These weddings can be large scale or small scale, but the attention to detail is high and the amount of planning can be time-consuming.

Couples may incorporate more of their personal style into the invitations, wedding decor, and experience. The maximalist aesthetic can include unique decor at the venue such colorful floral arrangements, art installations as part of the bar, photo booths, or a custom dance floor. There is a larger focus on the overall guest experience as opposed to just focusing on the newlyweds.


Informal Wedding Photos 

Creative, informal wedding photography has been trending over TikTok and reels for months, and we expect to see couples continue to opt for more artistic and non-traditional styles of wedding photography in 2023. Wedding Photographers claim that an increasing number of brides have been requesting pictures in the intentionally blurred, ethereal style. This style showcases movement, and give the photos an unposed and natural feel.

Additionally, more and more couples are utilizing their wedding photographers to photograph moments of transition throughout their wedding days. These photos could be walking shots of the bride and groom outside the venue, or closeups of newlywed bliss as they exit the ceremony or reception on a trolley or in the car. These type of shots can be taken in addition to more traditional wedding pictures. We expect this trend to continue to big prevalent in 2023 because of the increasing popularity of film photography.



Weddings are an incredible opportunity to gather friends and family together and make incredible memories! For an event that only lasts one day or weekend, they can require an abundance of time, money, and planning. Minimalist Pandemic Weddings helped couples understand how expensive and wasteful big weddings can be if they are planned without attention to sustainability. In 2023, we expect to see couples make an extra effort to prioritize sustainability throughout their planning process and weddings events.  

According to Green Wedding Shoes, couples are increasingly planning green weddings, and making decisions big and small to try to reduce their eco-footprint. Keeping the environment in mind can start from the engagement with the use of family heirlooms, sustainable diamonds, and thrifted wedding dresses or suits. To reduce wedding waste, there are now great organizations and websites where you can rent, give away, or resell wedding decor. 

When picking a venue, couples may consider finding a site that is LEED certified (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design), or an outdoor location where the fees go to park upkeep and energy is conserved from using natural light. Another way to plan sustainably is to use seasonal flowers grown locally through small vendors. Potted plants like orchids can also be used as centerpieces to reduce the amount of floral waste. 

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