Guest Addressing


How do I submit a guest list?

You can download our guest addressing spreadsheet template here.


We accept the following spreadsheet file types:

.csv (universal spreadsheet)

.xlsx (Excel)

.numbers (Numbers on Mac)


What is the proper way to address an envelope?

Mr. and Mrs. Jose Rodriquez
and Family
125 Central Peak Street
Los Angeles, California

Wedding invitations should be addressed using formal names and titles.
Mr., Mrs., Ms., Miss, Dr., etc.
Children do not need titles

All street names, cities and states should be spelled out fully, without abbreviations. Zip codes should be on their own line.


Will I see a proof of each envelope?

No, we will include a sample of the guest addressing with your proof. Once we receive the list we will use a data merge program to import the list exactly as typed. We correct for capitalization to ensure that it matches the proof (all caps, all lowercase, mixed case, etc) and zip codes (some spreadsheet programs drop the first zero) BUT we do not check for spelling, punctuation, abbreviations, etc. If you would like the street name or state spelled out in full please type them out. See below for the correct formatting.Guest Addressing Template Sample 

Guest details for menus and place cards


How do I submit a list of guest details to be printed on my menus or place cards?

You can download our guest details spreadsheet template here.

This spreadsheet has columns for names, table number, and 3 entrée options. If you do not need the information from any of these columns simply leave them blank. If you need additional entrée options add another column to the right of entrée 3. 




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