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Your celebration is a big deal and we treat it like a big deal! Creating your custom wedding invitations and party accessories with Smitten on Paper starts with simply letting us know what you are looking for. We really want to get to know you and the kind of party you are having so we can help you create the perfect invitation. Send us photos, ideas, links, basically anything that will help us put together a custom package for you. Once you submit your request, you will hear from a designer within 1 week. We would also like to say that we pride ourselves in creating original designs. We can not and will not recreate something you have seen elsewhere. Let's get started...

Upload your photos

We're visual people, so sending us photos is a big help. You can send us 3 JPG photos to get started, but you can always send additional photos once you begin your consultation with your designer.


Now, to the good stuff. How custom are we thinking here? Let us know all the details about what you would like us to design for you. Let us know about the style you are going for, colors you have in mind, favorite fonts, etc. Be as specific and descriptive as possible.